"Architecture as machine"

Tools : Maya + Zbrush + Keyshot

Examples of previous version, **not updated yet

Examples of previous version, ****not updated yet


Machine city transformations V_1.0

Tools : Maya3dsmax + Keyshot

Examples of previous version, ****not updated yet

still wokin on concept design


Cybernetic elements V_1.0

Tools : MayaZbrush + Keyshot

example image for the concept

Refer : Deus ex machina

,is the central interface of the Machine City. It created a humanoid "face", similar to that of a human baby, from a swarm of flying insect-like droids, which it used to communicate, The Matrix movie

The ideas of character for this section quite to be very interesting. To simulate future architecture models with reference to mechanical systems, intelligent systems.

Additional information; 

2021 - Main tools 

Modeling - 3dsmax / Maya 
+detailed - Zbrush / Blender
(Why? 3dsmax : From my point of view, strong functions like Edit tools still have potential for design thinking and it also can close and open like layers in PSD)

Rendering - Vray - 3dsmax / Keyshot / Blender 
Postproduction - Photoshop / After effect 
(As for my experiences, I have been doing a lot of visualization to support many international offices such as Foster & Pastner. I always love to focus on the quality of rendering all the time. Additionally, because of what I am doing for various competitions and studio styles, almost all of my works are some sort of hybrid architecture, focusing on the mechanism aesthetic / how it works. That is why i am focusing on the animation specially)

2020-2021 - Teaching workshop : Techniques and Tools for Computational Modeling / Rendering_Maya,3dsmax +vray and Keyshot_ (Tools basic, Technics for create model with clean polygons, How to manage the workflow in order to get beautiful rendering) - the workshop take full 2days, only 12 students maximum

2019 - Learning more about Maya, Zbrush, Blender / applied to competitions and studio project (Studio Hani Rashid, Vienna, Austria)

2018 - Learning Maya softwares from Zahacode team at Beijing, China  

2017-2019 - Teaching programs : ARCHITECTURAL TOOLS for STUDENT and PROFESSIONAL_Rhino+GH, 3dsmax+Vray (The total number of student : 200+ in 2 years)

2017-2018 - Assistant lecturer studio Parametric design_teaching Design + Softwares (Rhino+GH), RSU, Bangkok, Thailand

2016 - Guest lecturer for teaching Parametric design_Rhino+GH_for KMITL / SOD+A uni.

2016 - Best 1 of 15 Architecture Thesis 2016 in Thailand (Degree Shows)

2015 - Graduated, Bachelor of Architecture Faculty of Architecture, King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, Thailand 
,Main tools for design and visualization - 3dsmax / Rhino + Gh