Witchaya(Mean) Jingjit

.../am an architect and advanced computational designer based in Bangkok and Vienna, my work is inspired by the resplendency of art, the mechanization of systems, advancement of technology & innovation, architectural history, and experimentation coalescing multiple principles to compose a hybrid architecture. Architecture to me is analogous to “Architecture as machine”, having the sensorial organs as human beings, responding to the environment for survival. In the future, we will face rigorous living conditions caused by natural changes. Therefore, I fixates on architectural design that communicates with human beings, environments, and contexts. I believes in the inevitability to face the limitless advances of technology. Learning to investigate and analyze speculative challenges will be a catalyst in this quest for answers.

.M.Arch _Studio Hani Rashid, Die angewante, Vienna  Austria

.Tutor @Futurly.space .Architect- advanced computational

.Former Assistant Lecturer at Faculty of Architecture Rangsit University   (Studio Parametric Design)

.CO-founder CAL design studio Bkk,Thailand

.Internship at Marques & Jordy london company

2011 - 2016 _Bachelor of Architecture Faculty of Architecture, King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, Thailand

2019 - Present _Master of Architecture (MArch.)
Studio Hani Rashid, University of Applied Arts Vienna, Austria

_The Render of the year_Director’s Choice, Architecture Out Loud
_The Best 1 of 15 Architecture Thesis 2016 in Thailand (Degree Shows)
_Editor's Choice, Architecture of Apocalypase,
hosted bt X-Plor 2020
_Top Shortlisted, Space Habitat Design Competition : Leap (X-PLOR), 2020
_HONORABLE Mention Award 🥈 UK Innovative Design 2020 _Best 1 of 15 Architecture Thesis 2016 in Thailand (Degree Shows)

_Winner Award .Petcharuk Comnunity Mall at  Nakhonpathum.Thailand
_Winner Award.Land & House (Homes Office project contest), Casuarina, Thailand
_bauHose, if-ideasforward competition
_eVolo 2017 Skyscrapper 
_Design Rachaburee - train speed station, Thailand
_SCG Thailand contest
_Delux Lets colour design contest

CAL Design. Bangkok. Thailand I Architecture Work
. Coupled system. developable funicular skeletons with tensioning membrance, Zaha hadid architects
. The Wave Project Parametric Retailshop, Bangkok, Thailand
. Guest Lecturer. How to use Biomimicry for design architecture. Bacteria Factory Project   The Faculty of Interior Architecture, KMITL , Bangkok, Thailand
. Guest Lecturer. Biomimicry and Architecture. School of Architecture and Design, KMUTT, Thailand
. Guest Lecturer. Parametric ? . Bacteria Factory Project.  The Faculty of Architecture, KMITL, Bangkok, Thailand
. Pattern Recognition. Alisa Andrasek. Bartlet School of Architecture. UCL, London, UK   I Bangkok. Thailand
M&J (Marques & Jordy . London). Bangkok. Thailand I Architecture Work
.Concept Design. attend the traning of SCG company (DBLP. DEPT. Supermachine Studio)
.High-rise construction. attend the training of Pruksa Real Estate company


. Thesis Architecture Exibition. The Emquartier, Bangkok, Thailand . 90 degrees studio FB. Mamdouh al sarayrah, Amman , Jordan . Arcfly (Festim Toshi) FB. New York. USA . Next_top_architects (nexttoparchitects.org) . Parametricism FB . Peter Stasek (matrixxarchitectures.net) . 100architecturetips.com . Concept.model.thumblr.com . Ali Khiabanian (IDUarchitects.com) . Digital Architecture . Parametric Architecture +

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