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Arch.Mag.Witchaya(Mean) Jingjit

.../am an architect and advanced computational designer based in Bangkok and Vienna, my work is inspired by the resplendency of art, the mechanization of systems, advancement of technology & innovation, architectural history, and experimentation coalescing multiple principles to compose a hybrid architecture. Architecture to me is analogous to “Architecture as machine”, having the sensorial organs as human beings, responding to the environment for survival. In the future, we will face rigorous living conditions caused by natural changes. Therefore, I fixates on architectural design that communicates with human beings, environments, and contexts. I believes in the inevitability to face the limitless advances of technology. Learning to investigate and analyze speculative challenges will be a catalyst in this quest for answers.

.Architect _@Coop-Himmelblau, Vienna, Austria

.M.Arch _Studio Hani Rashid, Die angewante, Vienna, Austria

.Tutor .Architect- advanced computational design  

.Former Assistant Lecturer at Faculty of Architecture Rangsit University (Studio Parametric Design)

.CO-founder CAL design studio BKK,Thailand

.Internship at Marques & Jordy london company

Guest speaker "Architecture & Conceptual design" for "Com.Please Thesis Exhibition 2021" Silpakorn University (Arch-SU) Bangkok, Thailand

Guest writer"Future of Architecture". Abstrakt magazine, Vienna, Austria

Special guest "Architecture with Technologies” for Conglaze Thesis Exhibition 2021 KMITL, Bangkok, Thailand

Tutor "Mechanomorph course". Autodesk Maya/Pixologic Zbrush _ _Global education platform for architects and designers.

Tutor "Techniques and Tools for Computational Modeling / Rendering ss2021". Bangkok. Thailand

Representative of the Hani Rashid studio for "IOA Inter studio". Vienna, Austria

Tutor "Techniques and Tools"_ Autodesk Maya/3dsmax. Bangkok. Thailand

Assistance Lecturer Studio Parametric Design. RSU, Bangkok, Thailand


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